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skyrocket your startup idea!

Starting up can be a very daunting task. While you are setting up your core business, let us tech-enable your ideas.

Quality work done, quickly
Protected, flexible payments
Long-term support
Best for every budget

We Startups

We understand the challenges of starting up. We want you to reach your goals in the quickest, leanest way possible
Free Brainstorming sessions to ideate solutions
Scalable solutions for business of any size
Technology that enables you to focus on business

Our Services

We choose technology based on your budget, requirements and scalability. We ♥ automation and open-source tools which will enable you to focus your time entirely on your business.

Let's Get Started


Project Request

Help us understand your project, business requirements, budget constraints and any other specifications. Try to be as detailed as possible.


Initial Meeting

It is very important to know who you're working with. We'll get on a Zoom call for introduction, and clear any doubts around the project requirements.



Stackdev.xyz will prepare a proposal best suited to your requirements, timelines and budgets.


Design & Development

We work on the project, regularly keeping you updated about all the progress in realtime. The designing and development process involves a continuous feedback loop.



Your product is lauched on the platform of your choice. We train you to understand some basic nuances so you can maintain your product without any effort. We provide 2-week post-deployement support to ensure all system function normally.